Our program varies with each age group. Our infants and toddler are given all security and love that they need in order to prepare them for the future. Without these things as a foundation learning is impaired. As the children progress in age they learn social graces and good relationship skills, like manner, sharing, and self control. From the very beginning they are exposed to Family values through music, stories, and videos. At a very early age, the three and four year olds go beyond the basic number, letters colors and shapes etc. They begin to include pre-reading phonics, sizes.

The Child shall be given assistance with personal care as needed. The Child shall be involved in a program of play and learning experience, which are appropriate for the ages of the children enrolled in the center. A balance of active and quiet play is provide for, with the individual and group activities, which are, geared toward the emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and individual growth of young children.


This program strives to:

  1. Meet the need of childcare in the early morning and late afternoon hours.
  2. Provide a safe and secure environment for youth in our care.
  3. Enhance their learning by assisting them with homework assignments.

Learning Center Curriculum

Woods Learning Academy uses the creative curriculum. There shall be a schedule of the day’s plan of activities, providing for flexibility and changes, as deemed necessary. The program of activities shall be adhered to with reasonable closeness, but shall accommodate and have due regard for individual differences among the children. The program shall provide the material for both vigorous and quiet activities for children to share or to be alone, indoors and outdoors play and rest. Regular time should be allowed for routines such as washing, lunch, rest, snacks, and putting away toys. Active and quiet periods should be alternated so as to guard against over – simulation of the child. Quiet play such as story time or music should precede the lunch hour, which then should be followed by a rest period.

Pre-school children shall have a rest period of at least two hours.

Before and After School Curriculum

On a regular basis your child’s home work and seatwork will be used as their individual curriculum. In order for this to be a success we need you and your youth’s total cooperation.


Learning Center: 6 weeks -2 years old
Pre-K 3-4years old
Before and After School Program: Ages 5 through 12 years

Prior to admission, the center must have completed and returned:

  • School registration forms completed.
  • The medical card (or copy of your child’s current immunization records)
  • Signed Rules and Procedures From-Signed acknowledgment that they will abide by the policies and procedures set forth in the handbook.
  • Financial requirements satisfy
  • School Orientating form Signed
  • Agreement form to meet with the center’s Director within the first two weeks of enrollment.
  • Identification and Emergency Care Information
  • Emergency Card
  • Child Information Form
    • Acknowledgement form signed that you have received:
    • La Chip application
    • Early Steps
    • List of Community child resources I

School Uniform

Our school uniform consists of our red Woods Learning Academy shirt with khaki pants. We provide a variety of toys for your child to play with. All meals and snacks are served in accordance with the Child Care Nutrition Program Standards.

Woods Learning Academy has a variety of fun activities for your child, including education (names, colors, letters, numbers, math, etc.) playtime breakfast & lunch, arts and crafts, music, story time, games, show & tell, outdoor time, circle time, snack time, and much more!

Woods Learning Academy is a child proof educational facility designed with the safety and security of your child in mind. You can rest assured that your child will be in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment every day.

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