The Typical Daily Routine at Woods Learning Academy, Inc.

  • Arrival and Greeting
  • Breakfast and clean up
  • Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing
  • Infants usually nap in the morning as well as the afternoon
  • Circle time (including calendar songs, fingerplays, story times etc)
  • Arts and crafts or other learning activity
  • Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other large muscle activity
  • Hand washing
  • Lunch and clean up
  • Nap time
  • Snack and clean up
  • Free play
  • Calm down time and TV/VCR-Children’s programs (approximately a half an hour before pick up time)
  • Parents arrive to pick up children

Your child is released to my care after you leave the premises in the morning and he/she is released to your care as soon as you walk in the door at pick up time.


Bathroom and/or diaper change time vary to meet the child’s needs. This is a general schedule and is dictated mostly by the children’s needs and feelings each day.

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