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Director Barbara Woods
Barbara Woods

Welcome to Woods Learning Academy! My name is Miss Woods. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education in 1970, and a Master of Education degree in 1973, both from Southern University. In 1970, I earned my teaching certificate for Elementary Education, and in 1980, I became certified in the following positions:

  • Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance
  • Principal
  • Supervisor of Student Teaching
  • Parish or City School Supervisor of Instruction

I served in the school system for 38 years before deciding to retire. I joined Woods Learning Academy in 2005, where I have been Director ever since. I am passionate about fostering a caring, nurturing environment for our students, and I take pride in their development. I am skilled and knowledgeable in regards to early childhood information and am well known and active in the community.

Professional Development for the Early Childhood Sector

At a time when all services are focused on achieving the National Quality Standards, it is more important than ever the sector has access to high quality professional development. Our goal is to ensure educators can gain the skill and knowledge they need.

Taking time out to develop professionally and personally, you will be inspired and learn new things. The energy and sense of fulfillment can carry positively into your job and personal life.


The school age year provide us with the opportunity to build a solid foundation for our children, and to continue to reinforce good habits and disciplines intro their lives.

We know that we can compliment all the good that is being done in your home, church, and school through this process of recognizing your child’s potential, respecting it, rewarding it, and reinforcing it in a peaceful and creative atmosphere.

Ei'Jonai Perrilloux
Ms. Ei’Jonai Perrilloux
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Cindy Lodrigue
Ms. Cindy Lodrigue
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